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Patented Smart Indoor Navigation Solution Introduced by CX Unicorn

An Emirati company - CX Unicorn has developed an innovative technology that enables users, including People of Determination who have a visual or cognitive impairment, to move independently without help, including places like: metro stations and public buses.

Ani Dave, Managing Director of CX Unicorn told Emarat Al Youm that the technology has been registered as a UAE innovation globally. The company plans to make it available nation-wide, starting from the Emirate of Dubai. They are further researching how to benefit from its development to provide better services to its passengers, especially those with special needs.

Ani Dave also explained that Unicorn SmartNAV is an indoor navigation app which can guide its users via voice interaction. According to the needs of users and based on their suggestions, the company plans to continuously update and enhance the functions and features of the app.

Ani Dave emphasized that the application is free for all to use; the user can download the app on iOS and Android platforms. She explained that the importance of the app lies in the fact that the user interface adapts according to the user-type, depending on the needs - physical and mental capabilities, and according to the purpose of its use.

She continued, “It is important for the People of Determination, as its features include the ability to monitor and survey the path of the user, to detect obstacles on the way and alerting the user on the presence of barriers or anything else that lies ahead. The use of the application indoors does not require the presence of Braille lines or tactile path drawn on the floors, which are provided to facilitate their use with the white stick, used by the blind”.

Ani Dave also mentioned that the application is available for different groups with disabilities, such as vision impairment, blindness, auditory, cognitive, mobility and cerebral palsy. The app can be used without the Internet, which helps the user to plan their trip by displaying the simulation of navigation before they start their journey. The application can be used in all languages and is being welcomed by people with determination who are currently testing it.

Translated by CX Unicorn

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