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Why should you hire a ROBOT at your next event?

Let’s take a minute and think about what really happens at a conference!

Customer engagement, connecting with people, learning new things, having fun, follow up – These are a few of the basic things. Do you want to up your game and bring about a change in the way you do all of these? Would you want to connect with your audience at a whole different level which will automatically increase your ROI? We have the perfect solution for you – ROBOTS!

Now we know, the second you hear ‘robot’, it conjures up a string of images, from Star Wars to the macho Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator. We believe that if the robots can do an excellent job for us, create excitement among customers, interact with them, then why not take complete advantage of the situation? So here are some reasons why we think you should hire a robot at your next conference.


Robots can specifically be useful as a greeter. They can recognise people using facial recognition techniques and also takes into account the proximity of the person it is acknowledging. All of us love it when people call us by our names, imagine all your guests being recognised and the ones that cannot be identified because of issues like height (kids) they will still be pleasantly greeted. There are also robots that can be used as butlers, servers, and can guide guests.


Robots are great assistants. They can assist guests with most of the general enquiries and the second there is a question they cannot help with then they can act as a liaison between the guest and the company members. If the person cannot be reached, the robot can be programmed to take down contact details of the individual which can be later passed on to the right person for the purpose of follow up.


While we humans may take time to analyse data and process it into information, the good news is that robots do not take that kind of time. Using cutting edge technology robots can analyse user feedback. The user can even ask questions to which the robots can give appropriate answers. Using AI the robot can provide smarter solutions when asked smarter question. All of this happens with zero human intervention and that means you are going to save a whole lot of money in the long run.


In this day and age, people are generally quite excited to interact with a robot which gives us an advantage of displaying our advertisements on them. We can display demonstrations, advertisements, show them our sales graphs, give them the latest news about the organisation, and even get their feedback on various topics. Since it is a conference, it is the best time to get feedback from people, especially if you are launching a new product into the market or just want general feedback from people with different mindsets.


One of the most common things at a conference is a presentation. With the help of robots, you can present anything, anywhere and anytime with just your command. You can carry this robot wherever you go and all you got to do is command it project the information you want to show your audience.

Makes waiting time – FUN TIME

It is human nature to dislike waiting, and with robots there to engage your guests, they will not feel like it's waiting time anymore. There are robots that can be used to take images which can be directly uploaded to their social media, that way they can let their peers know that they are attending the conference (just like photo booths), play games or even interact with people, get information that will be stored and which can be later used for the purpose of follow up which all in all increases your ROI.

While these are some of the reasons why you should hire a robot at your next event, we can give you a lot more reasons when you connect with us at CX Unicorn!

We provide end-to-end solutions for all your robotics needs – conceptualise the robot, program the language, and build the machine. Stand out from your competitors and stay up to date with the latest technology!

About the Author:

Rebekah is a Digital Marketing Executive with CX Unicorn. She is passionate about social media and all things digital. She constantly strives to keep up with the new social media and digital trends, when not working she is busy Instagramming her #OOTD and loves her food!

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