AR/VR- What's the Hype and Why?

It’s 2019 and we are still talking about AR/VR! What is it and why the puff? Well, you are in for a shock. This isn't the 2019 you thought it was. Sci-fi movies don't seem so far off nowadays. Flying cars, motion sensors, virtual stores, soo last year!

First of all, for those who are still in the 19th century, AR aka Augmented Reality and VR aka Virtual Reality are two separate things. Augmented reality takes in your reality and surroundings and augments it or rather adds in elements to reality, while Virtual Reality transports you into a whole new world. For example, the difference between AR and VR is like watching the ground under you collapse vs. being in an earthquake. Augmented reality gives the user a lot more freedom and opportunity to explore more options, while virtual reality is more of a complete absorption into the scenario. (

Recently Chiquita, an international banana distribution company, came up with a marketing campaign that had a social message. They teamed up with Shazam, a mobile application that recognizes music and TV around you. They used augmented reality to make this campaign the first of its kind. The customers were asked to scan the blue sticker of the Chiquitas to experience the magic of AR. (

Another such example is the step taken by luxury automobile branch of Toyota, Lexus. Lexus provides prospective buyers the chance to experience real life driving with virtual reality. They get to drive on a race track and understand the feel of the car. ( They have also included augmented reality in their paper ads in magazines. (

Now one may feel, what is the difference between AR/VR technology and a simulation? The difference is - simulations give you a situation in which the user has a limited number of options and views. However, VR gives the user a variety of options and to use all five senses to react to the given situation. Simulations have no gear or just a joystick or keyboard, but VR has goggles and data gloves.

The North Face, a high performance climbing and backpacking equipment retailer's latest marketing technique is also an example of AR/VR technology changing the world. They used AR and VR to build their brand name by offering customers the chance to virtually go rock climbing and hiking with sports celebrities on Yosemite National Park and the Moab desert. (

This new world belongs to people who are willing to change and adapt to the latest advancements. Next, there will be no need for shopping malls and cars as we would get to try clothes in the comfort of our homes, send messages to loved ones through holographic messages.

The coming future, would be a combination of AR and VR, where we will not need our mobile phones or Gear and touch sensors.

We can conclude, that there is so much talk about these technological advancements and their strides in the market, because it is completely different to what we have seen. Things that we have only imagined or seen in movies are actually coming to life. This type of technology does not need additional marketing. Just a user manual maybe.

About the Author:

Teena is a Digital Marketing Intern at CX Unicorn. She is fascinated by Digital Marketing and how much it influences daily life. She is an avid researcher on how consumer behavior can be influenced through psychological marketing and the different ways to go about it.