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Content is King!

In previous years, Google has made a lot of changes in their Search Engine Algorithm. This is because Google wants to show users data appropriate and relevant to their search.

Google’s Danny Sullivan recently confirmed on Twitter that Google updated its broad core algorithm on the 12th of March 2019. They released the March 2019 Core Update aka the Florida 2 Update (named such as it coincides with the 2019 Pubcon Florida conference)

What is Broad Core Algorithm?

There are named algorithms, ex: Penguin, Panda, Pigeon, Hummingbird and so much more. These are made to target a specific issue in Google’s algorithms, so each one of them has a specific target and a specific purpose.

A Broad Core Algorithm, however, does not target anything in particular. A broad core update means that Google is not targeting any niche or any particular signals, like quality. It is an overall update of Google’s algorithm.

What could we expect from the new update?

Before, Google was said to “target” low quality websites, but now, after the recent update, the main aspect that Google is currently focusing on is the content of the website and its relevance to what the user is searching for.

This will give websites that have good quality content a chance to increase their traffic and rank and receive more views and interaction, also giving a chance to websites with lesser quality to improve the content of their website and their overall performance.

So, what now?

After the update was released, we noticed that some websites with high authorities received a boost in their traffic and ranking, along with websites that have a natural and good quality backlinking. There was also a massive fluctuation in the traffic and ranking of healthcare websites, however, websites which have back links through PBNs were hit in this update and faced a dramatic drop in their rankings and traffic.

Despite the changes, Google does not specify or mention how to improve your site. They only suggest that you should “ensure you’re offering the best content you can.”

What is in it for us?

Basically, an SEO expert has to ensure the quality of the content posted or shared on the website. Make sure the content is original, targeted and of high quality. Not only do they need to work on the content, they also need to focus on the website’s speed, domain and page authority, site structure, mobile-first websites, good UX.

About the author:

Maha is a Content Writer at CX Unicorn. She is passionate about social media and uses her passion to move forward and change the world of communication as we know it.

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