Oh Snapchat! Instagram Stories are killing it

Snapchat introduced stories back in 2013 as a way to create content that only lasts 24 hours. This idea was very appealing to a younger audience, who felt free to be visually creative with content that is not meant to last more than a day.

Snapchat now counts more than 178 million daily active users and it seems that despite all the changes over the past year, it still has popular appeal (Forbes, 2017).

Here is the comparison between worldwide active users of Snapchat vs Instagram. Believe it, Instagram is going high!

Worldwide daily active users of Instagram and Snapchat

Instagram introduced stories in August 2016, and we all quickly spotted the resemblance to Snapchat’s stories. Even Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO, admitted that they were ‘inspired’ by Snapchat.

Instagram’s growth over the past year and the adoption rate of stories are both huge achievements – but this doesn’t mean that we have a clear winner yet.

Moreover, influencers too rely on Instagram stories? However, a shift has been noticed and influencers worldwide are moving to Snapchat.

Number of Instagram stories vs Snapchat Stories

The penetration rate among 18 to 24 years old is higher on Snapchat than on Instagram as content uploaded on the platform tends to be more quirky, creative and spontaneous.

Snapchat wins in originality, youth appeal, consistent engagement, links to stories on every account.

Instagram isn’t behind, it wins in growth rate, brands’ and influencers’ support, advertising potential, frequent feature updates.

How do you share your stories? Where would you like to share your next story? Tell us.

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