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Let's not miss the forest for the trees...

Digital Marketing is less about planting digital touch points (the trees) than it is about transforming marketing as a whole (the forest).

While reading a white paper published by ATKearny, I realised what lies ahead of us as marketing professionals is a path not fully defined, not

fully discovered and most importantly a path that will not remain constant and will only keep shifting.

As Digital Marketing continues to evolve and as we learn to navigate through the trial-and-error stage - customers are more digitally engaged than ever and expect 'real' & 'relevant' interactions.

It is important that the 'digital touch-points' created by brands are also real & relevant providing consumers an experience that is truly valued by them and offers meaningful engagement.

This requires understanding people and not just their needs. Marketing has to now shift from targeting audiences to understanding the social and behavioural patterns, superimposing them on real personas & then tailoring experiences for those personas across both digital and non-digital touch points.

Though it's not about knowing something personal and confidential about Mr. & Mrs. Smith, it's all about knowing why people think and behave as they do.

About the Author:

Seasoned Digital Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience across various markets and industries, Ani is the Founder & Managing Director of CX Unicorn.

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