How luxury brands can create superior customer experiences online

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With many of us making the shift to e-commerce, it's not easy to bring that luxury shopping experience online. Online shoppers still need to feel that they are buying a luxury product with all the bells and whistles that they are accustomed to when making a purchase in-store.

Limited period offers: Building out your digital storefront should also mean that you retain the clearance section of your store and offer “exclusive” and " limited-time only" online deals.

Seamless Personalisation: Buying from a luxury brand in an upscale brick-and-mortar location is a quiet, personal experience, so the online experience should be an extension of the same.

Hybrid live chat with AI & human interaction: Premium brands are all about great customer experience. You can establish the same type of experience on your e-commerce site by having a live chat option that follows customers around the site.

Content strategy: Luxury products are only worth the premiums they charge because of the story behind the brand. Investing in rich editorial content, especially high-end photography & videos allows luxury brands a means of highlighting this narrative and speaking to the customer in a deeper way than traditional “catalog commerce” might.

Use of Augmented Reality: Luxury commerce brands must embrace augmented reality to bridge the gap between online and brick-and-mortar. This new tech allows customers to see the products they want and put them into new environments. It engages customers and bridges the gap between the in-store and online experience.

Same-day or quicker delivery: Luxury brands have experimented with short delivery times in some markets. In London, New York, Tokyo and other major fashion hubs, customers can buy luxury products and have them delivered in 90 minutes.

What digital asset or strategy should luxury e-commerce brands implement to create powerful online customer experiences?

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